Our own The Edinburgers Cups

So who doesn’t love a good personalised item?? We’ve had a few fantastic ones so far so when we took a delivery of more personalised Edinburger apparel from Spreadshirt we just couldn’t wait to get the box open. Up until ordering our items and the parcel arriving we had never heard of Spreadshirt but having a… [Read More]

Lunch for 1 at The Edinburgh Larder

On Saturday I found myself with some time between my wedding dress appointment and some pampering at Chamomile Sanctuary, so I took myself off to The Edinburgh Larder for some lunch. We’d missed the chance to dine here a few weeks ago at a blogger evening but made a mental note to visit soon. Today… [Read More]

Brunch at Lebowski’s Edinburgh

Now we’ve not been out for brunch for a long time. This is what happens now we’ve decided to become proper grown ups, bought a house and chosen to get married all in the same year. So when I spotted an excellent little offer on Itison for brunch at Lebowski’s Bar Edinburgh I quickly snapped it up… [Read More]

Great homemade pizza

How To Make a Great Homemade Pizza For a tasty pizza, you need to have a good dough along with some amazing toppings. Isnโ€™t it true? Yes, it is, but there a few tips and tricks of the trade which will mean your homemade pizza tastes even better. Most of the time, when making pizza… [Read More]

Harajuku Kitchen Review, Bruntsfield Edinburgh

Last month we took a trip along to Harajuku Kitchen on Gillespie Place to get our Sushi on, as it turns out it had much more to offer. We were warmly greeted by the waitress when we arrived and shown to our table by the window. The interior has a nice authentic feel to it,… [Read More]

Recipe: Lavazza Coffee and Chocolate Granola Bars

Anyone who reads our blog and follows us on social media will know that we’re often spotted writing about or drinking coffee. So when Lavazza coffee got in touch and asked us to help promote their range of online recipes to show that there is more to do with coffee than just drink it we… [Read More]