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Cocktails in the City Giveaway

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  • Her says:

    I’ll go first, mine is a strawberry mojito. Its refreshing and very easy to drink!

  • Laura Anderson says:

    Mine is a Singapore Sling! First tasted at a local hotel, it had many flavours, my taste buds were going crazy! Was refreshing and had a kick.

  • Kathryn MacKinnon Cook says:

    A French Martini is the perfect, smooth, frothy mix of sour and sweet which sets my tastebuds alight!

  • Theresa Douglas says:

    I love a Pink Gin Fizz. Fun, flirty and refreshing.

  • Shona Hossack says:

    Anything with pineapple and coconut Malibu .
    Would love to join in this fun evening .

  • Coppula-eam says:

    In my humble estimations, the best cocktail in the world is a Negroni. Gin, campari and red vermouth in equal measures, a few ice cubes, a slice of orange and there you have it. Great for an aperitif, digestif, getting the party started or relaxing when the party’s finished.

  • Benedicte says:

    If it had to be just one, I’d go for a Strawberry Daiquiri, Thai Style. Fresh strawberries and lime for the light and fruity notes and the rum and strawberry liqueur for the sweetness and punch. For the exotic twist (The Bangkok bar in Broughton Street does fantastic ones by the way!), add lychee.
    Zingy, light and fresh – it’s always ticked all the boxes for me.

  • Gordon McCue says:

    My favorite cocktail is one I gave a name to almost 20 years ago to capture te essence of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, namely: “Invigoration” which is serve in a tall glass over crushed ice and consists of a healture of Invergordon single malt whiskey; oodles equal measure of fine champagne ; topped with oodles of cranberry juice and topped with a sprig of mint.

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